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Hedgehogs Adventures 2

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As in Hedgehog's Adventures, here kids will meet Hedgehog, Squirrel, Owl, Mouse and Hare once again. Autumn has come to the forest. The animals have a lot to do to prepare for winter. Fun new adventures await: Hare has gotten sick after playing in the rain, a strong wind blows away small Mouse, Owl hasn't been seen recently and might have flown to warmer lands with migratory birds, and tracks of a new dangerous animal have been spotted in the forest.The plot alternates with educational tasks, mini-games and puzzles for preschoolers to train memory, attention and logic. This combination keeps children engaged while doing these useful cognitive exercises for the brain. The mini-games are also available as a separate list, with 4 levels of difficulty each. This educational Android game was developed by a child psychologist and preschool education professional.